OEM, private label, and white label manufacturing have all become popular production methods in the 21st century. These production methods have opened up opportunities for businesses to become more competitive by allowing them to produce their own branded products quickly and at a low cost.

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer” meaning that the manufacturer is supplying the product to another company to sell under their own name.

Private label manufacturing is the same as OEM, with the added benefit of allowing a company to customize products to their own design.

White label manufacturing takes OEM one step further by allowing a company to have their own label on the product.

Complete-Pharma is providing all three services; OEM, Private label, and White Label manufacturing. We produced over a thousand different products and reached out to more than 20 countries across the world. Our services have been praised by our customers for years and we have built long-lasting relationships with them.

Our OEM services include:

  • FORMULATION of the desired product – one of the key benefits of OEM services is the ability to formulate a product that meets the exact specifications of a client. This can include everything from the ingredients used to the texture and scent of the product.
  • Description of the MECHANISM OF ACTION (MOA) of each ingredient in the formulation – each ingredient has a specific mechanism of action (MOA) that contributes to the supplement’s effectiveness.
  • Suggestions for the best FORM OF INTAKE and DAILY DOSE – in general it is recommended to take the supplement with a meal for optimal absorption and to follow the recommended daily dose as indicated on the label.
  • Issuing and obtaining an FDA REGISTRATION NUMBER – this process involves submitting detailed information about the product’s ingredients, manufacturing process, and intended use to the FDA for review and approval.
  • Suggestions for PACKAGING DESIGN – the label should clearly state the name of the product, its intended use, and all relevant information about dosage and ingredients.
  • MANUFACTURING of the desired product – once the product has been approved by the FDA, it can be manufactured according to the desired specifications.
  • Preparation of a full set of EXPORT DOCUMENTS – once the product is ready for export, we’ll need to prepare a full set of export documents in order to comply with international trade regulations.
  • DELIVERY to the desired destination – finally, we’ll need to arrange for delivery of the product to its intended destination.