Technology and Ingredients


Complete-Pharma is a leader in liposomal nanotechnology development, which revolutionizes drug delivery for targeted and efficient treatment. Our technology uses tiny lipid particles to protect drugs from degradation, allowing for more efficient delivery and precise dosing. Liposomal nanotechnology also enhances drug bioavailability, reducing the need for large doses and minimizing the risk of side effects. Our technology can also increase the duration of drug action and improve patient adherence to drug regimens.


We also utilize the modern technique of nano-micronization for active pharmaceuticals with high initial bioavailability. This technique reduces drug particle size, greatly increasing their surface area and enhancing bioavailability. Nano-micronized drug particles are easily absorbed by the body, reducing the amount of time it takes for them to take effect. This technique is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry, making medications more effective and less time-consuming for medical professionals and patients alike.